Who can use Stripe?


Stripe is an easy, global choice for both customers and businesses. They support 139 currencies worldwide, and you can set-up an account within minutes. Check out our short tutorial on how to setup an account with Stripe.


Can I use PayPal?


We plan on implementing PayPal as an option in the future. We’ll keep you posted on progress there on our blog.


Do I need a Merchant Account?


No, all you need is a regular bank account to receive payments. This means no lengthy and costly setup periods. Get started right away!


When will I get paid?


Payments are automatically deposited to your bank account after 7 days.


Are there setup fees associated with Membersify?


None at all. That’s what sets us apart. There are no up-front fees, so you’re able to get started with us easily and with no money down.


Does Membersify support foreign currencies?


Yes. Accept payments in 139 different currencies and have them converted into your currency automatically after payment. Your customers will only see their currency on their statements.


My customers are global, will this work for everyone?


Yes. Anyone that has a credit card can send you payments. With 139 currencies, Membersify is a great global fit.


Are you PCI compliant?


Yes, we take security very seriously and meet or exceed all PCI Compliance requirements. The Membersify web-site and API are only accessible via HTTPS. All critical payment information goes straight to Stripe's vault without touching our server. Your information and that of your customers is secure.


Do I need to be PCI compliant?


No, you don't need to be PCI compliant. No critical payment data ever touches your server. It is all transferred securely to Stripe over SSL. Because of this, you don't need an SSL Certificate either.