Authentication Made Easy

Membersify Identity Cloud makes it easy to authenticate users across all of your applications.

User Management

View and maintain user data all in one place. Membersify Identity Cloud provides a user dashboard that allows for easy editing and monitoring of your users’ information.


Social Login

Allow users to create accounts and login in seconds using social login. MembersifyID can eliminate difficult account creation forms and get users authenticated quickly.


Loyalty Tracking

With the Membersify Loyalty add-on, you can track loyalty points and rewards for all of your users. Monitor and manage earnings, expiration, and redemptions across all of your systems.

How does Membersify Identity Cloud work?

Membersify Identity Cloud provides a single place for user information to be stored and accessed. Many organizations have multiple apps and systems that require access to up-to-date user information. Membersify simplifies the process of sharing data by providing a centralized data storage solution that’s accessible to all of your apps.

Applications no longer need to store user data themselves - they can all simply request the data from Membersify, ensuring that all apps have the latest and most accurate information, instantly.



How does Membersify improve user experience?

Nobody likes filling out login forms. Membersify Identity Cloud makes it easy to create accounts and login to all of your apps.


One Login Form

Membersify Identity Cloud provides a universal login form that can be used by all associated apps and systems.



Social Logins

Social logins make it easy for users to authenticate their accounts using information they’ve already provided to social media platforms. Instead of providing their email address, typing in a password twice, and confirming a received email, social logins can get users setup in one or two taps.

Membersify supports login via Google, Facebook, MIcrosoft, Twitter, Github, Apple, and many more.


Membersify Loyalty - An easy way to track user points and loyalty programs.

Creating and tracking loyalty programs can be a big job - but with Membersify Loyalty, things just got a lot easier.

The Membersify Loyalty add-on provides tools and data management for tracking user’s loyalty points and rewards, all in one place.

When used with Membersify Identity Cloud, you’ll easily be able to track points for each of your organization’s users and encourage behaviors that promote customer loyalty through reward systems.

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