1. Next you’ll want to configure the settings of the module. Still on the Modules page, scroll down again to the Membersify module. We’ll take a look at the permissions first. Click on the Permissions option with the icon of a key next to it.
  2. Starting out, you should only have 3 roles (Anonymous User, Authenticated User, and the Administrator). Depending on which checkmarks are placed where, you can allow each type of user to have access and permissions to various functions and features. It’s up to you to determine the reach of permissions you wish your users to have on your site, but for starters, just as a suggestion, you’re permissions might look something like this:

Administrators (you): Access to everything (all checkmarks marked on their column).
Authenticated User (users who have an account with you): Should have access to things like: Purchase Membersify plans, View Membership tab in User Account, Change billing info, Change plan and Cancel membership.
Anonymous User (not signed in viewers/visitors): Should have access to Purchase Membersify plans, and probably not much else.

  1. After you’ve made the changes to the permissions that you wanted, scroll down and click the “Save permissions” button.