1. On the Drupal site, login and click on People up on the dashboard. Click on Permissions, then click on Roles.
  2. Add a few new roles (as many as you will have plans, and it helps to name them the same thing so you don’t get confused later). Click, Save Order. Back over on Permissions, you can now see that the roles you created have their own permissions column. Give as many permissions as you would like your customers with that particular plan to have.
  3. Now go back over to the Membersify site, login, and go to your dashboard. Click on Edit site, then click on the Plans tab on the left, then click on the ADD PLAN button.
  4. Now we’ll create plans to house the roles we created on the Drupal page. Name and give your plan a description. In the Payment plan tab, you can set the price of the plan, and determine other payment details, such as if it you want the subscription fee to recurred, or to set a fixed date.
  5. Down in the Levels tab, you should see all of the roles you created over on the Drupal site. Here, you set what levels to grant customers that purchase a plan, and what levels to remove upon expiration; so, if you created two plans, Silver and Gold for example, and they had just purchased Gold, then you would need to checkmark “Gold” under the Level(s) to grant at start, and checkmark “Gold” under the Level(s) to remove at expiration, so that when their subscription expires, they lose their Gold plan.