-On your website, let’s say that a visitor wants to purchase a plan of yours. Here’s how they’d do that.

  1. They would click on Create new account.
  2. They would enter in their desired Username, E-mail address, Password, and Membership Level (they will select their membership plan here by clicking the radio button next to the desired plan), then they would click the Create new account button at the bottom of the page.
  3. It will then take them to the Payment page where they can see an overview of the plan they are purchasing and how much it will cost them.
  4. They then will click the Pay with card button, which will bring up a payment box.
  5. After they enter their payment info, then they click on the Pay $(your plan price here) button.
  6. They’ll be redirected to a thank you page, letting them know that the subscription was purchased successfully and that it is now active on their account.