1. Back on the Modules page, scroll down again to the Membersify module. Click on the Configure option with the icon of a cog next to it. This brings you to the Membersify settings page. This is where you’ll enter your keys to sync your Membersify site.
  2. Go to the Membersify site, log in and go to the user dashboard. Then, click on the View button on the site you want synced. After that, click on the INSTALL tab on the left. Under Status, you should get a message saying that it’s not currently installed. Under Plugin, there will be a link to the Membersify module page where we were just at. And most importantly, under TEST API keys are the two keys that you need to copy and paste over on the Drupal Membersify settings page.
  3. Once you’ve copied and pasted the API keys to the Drupal Membersify settings page, click Save configuration at the bottom of the page. Now, all the settings, roles, plans and membership status info will be synced between the module and the Membersify client. (You won’t have to manually sync between the server and client again, it will be done automatically from here on out.)